Cloud Applications (VALUE)

ETEL offers full range of cloud application in software suite (VALUE).

VALUE covers most business requirements with pay as grow module that offer great value for outstanding performance. This application suite was developed by major international software house and customized by ETEL to fit MENA markets expectations.


Value Business enhances the process through impeccable and perfect on financial and stock tracking reporting. Financial and Inventory reporting empower you to employ in powerful and practical decision making to manage operating cost, increase cash flow, stock in and out and with low risk. It enables you to strongly accomplish strategies and reach business objectives, thus, it improving the organisation of your company financial setup.

Taxation solution is formulate to accept and suits between the financial situation of any industry and the GST rule’s outline and fluently integrate to GST


General Ledger

General Ledger module save data from all the other modules related to it in a simple store and provide ready availability of real-time financial report along with comprehensive real-time reports at all times.

This entire integration and actual time projections effect the efficient and feasible decision making for critical financial Scenario’s.


  • Manage at the vantage point of getting the comprehensive view of cash flow so that you always have a clear picture of your periodical expenses.
  • Collect the effective and actual time view of your financial statements anywhere anytime and keep your financial structure systematicall.
  • Handle multiple currencies with the ease of automated financial / customs FOREX rates.

Cash & Bank

Cash Management module empower the Convenient and efficient management of cash flow generated by the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable activities.

Aided by its accuracy in estimate and handling movement of cash, in all its forms, right from the beginning till its deployment; you can consistently monitor and route the flow of cash, grant bank accounts to reconcile with other financial accounts in a timely fashion. Transacting Bank charges, Interest and Loan Installments are other benefits wrought out of this module.


  • Always in touch with the system of your cash flow, through the provision of actual time analysis on the cash-in and cash-out movement of your finance.
  • Get the benefit on clarity of your cash oriented financial status through the cash module intelligence to furnish you with bank book, cash book and bank reconciliation statements.
  • Manage by the module proper projection of your financial status, based on actual Vs predicted cash situations; recover the investment on your business inputs within a short term.

Account Receivable

Accounts Receivable module allows you to document a complete account of your company receivables without a glitch.

Cushioned by the automated configuration and ease of entry to history, you can observe customer analysis and setup your collection process almost efficiently. Account Receivable in Value Business to operate advanced sales analysis gives the proper planning for procuring and track individual sales person based on Sales Performance, Commission, Receivables inferences and Cost of Sales information with multi-currency support.


  • Awareness on your AR scenario via actual country-wise, area-wise, territory-wise, sub-territory-wise, customer-wise and currency-wise AR Aging Analysis and Report.
  • Equipped with all analysis of AR data and effortless access on real-time, and handle your receivables without any effort.
  • Exchange Rate Variances and handle unfavorable currency fluctuations involved in international business.

Account Payable

Accounts Payable (AP) module allows you with total supervision over your payables and keep you in the good books of your Suppliers.

AP has track on supplier activities of Invoices, payments, advance payment, returns.In further AP is programmed to enter debit / credit notes in dual mode, and make cancellations / adjustments, etc.


  • Equipped with Periodic cleaned up, effective AP Ageing Analysis and Report.
  • Easily Track the history of your payables and maintain all outstanding payments without any default.
  • Take comfort in the ease of processing multiple currencies in multiple payment modes.


Taxation solution is designed to ease and integrate the transaction from the existing taxation policy to GST, and precisely automate the calculation and appropriation of all the components of GST.

Further the module is flexible to timely adapt and integrate between any industry and the GST rule and bring about the GST Align digitization of any company record maintenance; Accounting, Finance, and Taxation procedures; standardization of invoice capturing process, for both sales and purchases; and statutory compliance requisites.


  • The GST rule assigns multiple HSN codes to the same product when sold to different customers. Our Taxation unit appliance this complication through its bent to develop the fitting HSN code to any Product in accordance to the customer type.
  • Taxation solution is design to incorporate the GST rules HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) code and SAC (Services Accounting Code); and satisfy the statutory claim of Invoicing for all industry
  • The immense scalability of the solution is adequate of incorporating any change that might be applied to the GST structure and/or slab in the future.


Organise VALUEBUSINESS module into your business and be showcase with a eagle view of inventory throughout the Supply Chain.

Unit of Measurement system and Coding of Products, project details of the whereabouts, dates of expiry, and the Levels of Stock of Materials. This prompts effective actual tracking of inventory levels even between multiple warehouses with multi location separated, automatic center of stock, Invoicing, smart inventory analysis and flow of material on a single click for all sorts of material Indent or Request and maintain the Minimum stock Quantity to avoid unexpected delays in restock inventory or Excess Sales. Achieve superior efficiency by realizing balance between Supply and Demand.


  • Based on Fast Moving and Slow Moving stock analysis, get the help of selective Stock advise and implement weighed purchasing policy and maintain cost efficiency by suppress the over stocking of items that are irregular required.
  • Effectively track and manage costs of goods sold and inventory holding costs, through the facts acquired from automatically generated GL entries from inventory transactions.
  • Feature of Lot and Serial number Control of individual products to track and control the multi Levels of Stock, smartly issue Products based on expiry dates, and effect the automated removal of expired stock.
  • Manage the stock with central warehousing with linked to the site Warehousing with multi Location and be alerted of product-wise stock levels across multiple warehouses through automated generation of stock level reports, based on periodical verification.
  • Achieve efficiency in your time management through the automated processing of our Inventory Control module, which enables automated replenishment of stock; and issue material of all sorts on a single click of a mouse.

Value Retail

This module empowers the team at retail setting up to equip quick and adequate services to customers, convey an experience that matches your brand committed and builds customer loyalty.

This Retail Management solution is developed to increase store performance and increase productivity to the highest level. Retail Software is to maintain the daily basis operations in retail business. It is easy to customize, User Friendly and suitable for any Retail Business as well as for a provision store.

The retail management software facilitates the skill to perform estimates or make an voucher on hold to be retrieved later for final bill. Receipts may be printed in either a 40 or 80 column format. It has an option to generate viewing product Info such as discounts, references, warehouse quantities and serial data.


Customizable dashboard for Masters and Transactions


  • User definable notifications and Alerts.
  • Enhance data security and Dashboard sharing.

Customer Tracking

Easily Configurable member module


  • Point definition by member type.
  • Discounts for Members.
  • Know your customer.
  • Emails/ SMS on Birthdays or Anniversary’s.

Schemes and Loyalty Programs

Option to combine and un-combine multiple schemes.


  • Schemes on Bill/ Item / Cumulative Bill.
  • Discounts on Products.
  • Option to fix rate on certain products.
  • Item sets.


Walk- in sales.

Phone orders.

Pre orders (Planned orders for parties and celebrations).

Home Delivery option.

Payment on delivery.

Multi-currency payment in single transaction.

Partial payment options.

Dynamic bar code handling.

Discount Management

Discounts by time /Day.

Discounts on items/ Bill value.

Discount for employees.

Discounts on payment modes (discount on credit /Debit cards).

User definable discount limits by employee.

Membership Rewards

Point definition by member type.

Discounts for members.

Redeem points for Bill payment/ Credit note /Gift voucher.

Discounts/ Gift vouchers for members.

Multiple Security levels.

Inventory Management

Track inventory at other outlets.

Request for stock transfer from different outlet.

Suggest Substitute items in case of low.


Future orders for parties and celebrations.

User configurable schemes and discounts for pre-orders.

Collection of order at different outlet.

Allows Payments at Multiple outlets.

Allows cancellation of orders.


Customer Relationship Management has been designed CLOUD BASED SOFTWARE basically serve the small to huge sized businesses.

Each business is unique in its processes and Operations. Keeping this in view, you can use CRM as a tool to organizes sales and process management for a varied number of different organization structures. It enlightens businesses towards its customer’s behaviour.

Every client communication can be tracked to maximize revenue opportunity and improve customer loyalty. CRM assists sales teams to manage their leads and automate administrative tasks, allowing them to build lasting relationships. It provides clear insight to sales and marketing activities which can be filtered by various dimensions including product, customer, time duration etc.

The CRM module facilitates specific business domains such as post-sales operations and contract management of various business types. Service staff can provide quick and consistent service to their customers, driving both customer satisfaction and business profitability.

CRM marketing is primarily using customer relationship management to direct your company’s marketing techniques in the most efficient way for a higher conversion. Companies who choose to use CRM marketing they can gather information about their customers and their requirements, then analyse this data to develop marketing plans that target the customer groups that are the most likely to respond. CRM marketing not only can save money on extra marketing costs, that go not used when not properly directed, every business with direct customer contact can be benefited from CRM marketing.


CRM provides the Customer Support & Service management (Help Desk) which help the customer to satisfy, which bring more business in the organization. It provides features such as Support Ticket Solutions, Case Assignment & Escalation through user define Work flow, and easy to deploy experts to Case  forms for solving a customer-specific cases through online or provided site. In addition, it can be configuring to Microsoft outlook mail client to synchronize easily in CRM.

Support calls and Solutions functionality can be used to efficiently organize Customer Support process and enable a better integration between Sales & Customer Support processes in a single system. Communication between Sales and Post-sales support helps organizations in resolving the customer-reported tickets in less time enhancing the customer satisfaction, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities in future.


  • Superior Architecture.
  • Flexible and Scalable.
  • Multi-Currency.
  • Multi Companies.
  • Centralized Access.
  • Personalized and User Defined Dashboards.
  • Graphical Reports.
  • Email and SMS alerts.


  • Lead Management.
  • Opportunity Management.
  • Activity Management.
  • Account Management.
  • Marketing Plan.
  • Campaign Management.
  • Business Intelligent Module.
  • Value Auto is the most complete auto service management solution available today.
  • Tailored for 2, 3 and 4 wheeler, tractor and heavy equipment dealerships.
  • Web-based, to connect all locations on one online system.
  • Comprehensive, taking care of all business processes.
  • Seamless integration with financial accounting, payroll & fixed assets management.
  • World class tools and features to keep you in total control.

Vehicle Service

  • Job Card Booking.
  • Spares Issue.
  • Spares Returned.
  • Service Performed.
  • Service Cancellation against Job Card.
  • Update Vehicle Service Status.
  • Perform Job Card Invoice.
  • Job Card Invoice.


  • Better management of leads and conversions.
  • Better feedback mechanism from customers.
  • Improved vehicle purchase ordering.
  • Better sales executive performance.
  • Service reminders by SMSs.
  • Material requirement planning and back order management .
  • Easier claims settlements from principals for PDI, warranty and free coupons.
  • Improved value-added sales of AMC , insurance, warranty, extended warranty.
  • Lower repeat complaints.
  • Better customer relationship by periodic SMSs for birthdays, festivals etc.
  • Standardized system across all dealers.
  • Centralized controls.
  • Aggregation of pre-defined data from dealers.
  • 2-way communication with dealers.
  • Excellent dealer data analysis.
  • Superior dealer performance = higher sales.
  • Better product planning.