Network Security

ETEL provide wide range of security testing tools in partnership with international technology leaders.

ETEL Security Tools:

Full set of cutting edge software that analysis your data systems and detect any threats or vulnerability in IT Infra-Structure through the following tools:

  • Security Process Management Software.
  • Auto testing platform.
  • Web Security Software.

Certification & Consultancy:

ETEL Assist you to get your business certified with ISO 22301 & ISO 27001 compliance  plus full consultancy on source code analysis, digital forensics and fraud analysis.

Emergency Response Task Force:

ETEL established 24/7 emergency response task force to assist business in the time of crisis. Part of the task force is the following tools:

  • Emergency Response tool for compromised systems.
  • Customized Incident Handling Guideline.
  • 24/7 Security Application.

Testing & Audit:

ETEL assist your business in fully auditing security measures within mission critical systems like SAP or SCADA. Plus full range of testing that includes:

  • Penetration Test.
  • DDOS/DOS vulnerability test.
  • APT Test.
  • Espionage Test.
  • Social Engineering Test.