WAN Optimization

Connecting you today to be ready for tomorrow. In today’s ICT market, there is demand for sophisticated technology solutions to support advanced and emerging business requirements.

WAN Optimization​

WAN Connectivity

ETEL offers secure, reliable and resilient means of connecting your business.


VPN based on MPLS are an excellent option for connecting to Corporate Branches, Because of their private network characteristics, improved levels of connectivity, availability of infrastructure redundancy, capabilities for prioritizing traffic,

MPLS VPNs help provide quality performance for applications chiefly because they enable enterprises to prioritize certain types of their traffic, a concept known as Class of Service (CoS). This takes on added importance when you consider the sorts of applications that may be getting shifted to the cloud, everything from delay-sensitive voice-over-IP traffic to enterprise applications like enterprise resource planning. With CoS, enterprises can dictate which types of their traffic is given priority, so they can avoid an employee conducting a massive file transfer causing a hiccup in the CEO’s conference call.

MPLS is a data transport mechanism that is designed to increase speed and reduce memory overhead in extremely large networks, such as within global WAN service providers. Instead of routing packets based on IPv4 or IPv6, as is the case with most enterprise network designs, MPLS uses less complex labels to route traffic to its intended destination. MPLS works well for WAN transport because it works with almost all telecommunication access technologies

it offers an added level of network security as compared to Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) VPNs. With MPLS VPNs, customers have the added assurance of knowing their traffic is never out “in the wild.” Rather, it remains within the confines of their carrier’s private virtual network.

Global Routes Optimization

We deploy route optimization techniques to enhance Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) by evaluating path characteristics including latency, packet loss and route stability to select the best route to any given destination, resulting in low latency, high availability and accelerated application performance.

We avail and combine the services of CDN, IXP and Tier 1 ISPs to get the best and optimized path.

CDN Services:
  • anycast for connection route optimization.
  • CDNs are massive networks performing anycast on a worldwide scale. By advertising identical IP ranges in numerous points of presence (PoPs) located globally or by region, a CDN provides local Internet service providers (ISPs) with multiple access points from which they can choose the one having the shortest route. Which improves connection time for website visitors
  • Using anycast also has the side effect of improving availability by providing multiple backup choices for any endpoint. If one data center goes offline, it is skipped in favor of the next best option.
Core Network Performance Management

Managing network core as per the industry best practices. We provide network configuration and dimensioning, plus design consultancy to assess the impact of introducing new business applications on the core network and minimize any problems.

Your core networks may need a major upgrade, you might need help running routine network management tasks or you’d like to reduce costs.

We offer a range of services across GCC and internationally to help you improve operational efficiency so you can better support business activities.

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity is a continuous process, designed to ensure that your organization operates efficiently when times are normal, and continues to do so when the times are turbulent. This implies having a robust business continuity system in place that is continually tested, exercised, and updated.

This involves the development of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) designed to ensure the recovery of critical business activities from natural or man-made failures or disasters to an acceptable level within a predefined time frame, thereby minimizing the impact of losses to the organisation


ETEL Cloud connect service is designed to serve business running cloud hosted mission critical /delay sensitive applications. ETEL optimize the route which client is using to reach cloud resources, significantly reducing latency and enhancing the application response.

Software Defined Networks

We provide software-defined LAN and WAN, which addresses shortcomings in traditional LAN and WAN architectures by putting an overlay on top of them.

SDN architecture enables the network control to become directly programmable and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted for applications and network services.

By opening up traditionally closed network platforms and implementing a common SDN control layer, operators can manage the entire network and its devices consistently, regardless of the complexity of the underlying network technology.

Why CloudEtel for WAN Connectivity?
  1. Location experts that knows the territory, has the required relationship with Tier1/Teir2 providers, and has the proven track record of navigating the roughspots.
  2. Technical experts who understands the configuration right configuration options.
  3. Market experts We understand the carriers geographic strength and weaknesses and map them to customers’ requirements to induce best cost margins, compensation plans and contracts, so as to enable the customer to negotiate the best deal.
  4. Financial analyst and expert we can analyze and compare bids to facilitate the best deal.Project Management properly analyze and expedite through multiple layers of contractors in Each country to ensure timely implementation.
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